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In the real estate world, an impound is an account that mortgage companies use to collect property taxes, homeowners insurance, private mortgage insurance and other payments that are required by the homeowner but are not part of principal and interest. Impound accounts are also called escrow accounts.

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Impound definition, to shut up in a pound or other enclosure, as a stray animal.
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impound definition, meaning, what is impound: If the police impound something
that belongs to you, they take it away because you have…. Learn more.

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A second meaning of impound is to shut an animal inside an enclosure or pound. Definitions of impound.

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tr.v. im?pound?ed, im?pound?ing, im?pounds. 1. To confine in or as if in a pound:
capture and impound stray dogs. 2. To place (something) in legal custody until a

Impound - definition of impound by The Free Dictionary
Define impound. impound synonyms, impound pronunciation, impound
translation, English dictionary definition of impound. tr.v. im?pound?ed , im?pound?

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to impound stray cattle; to impound a document for safe keeping. (transitive, law,
banking) To collect and hold (funds) for payment of property taxes and...

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