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There are numerous reasons why a person could have their vehicle seized. One
common reason is that the person defaulted on his or her car.

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If the police take your car, money, merchandise, tools, clothing, jewelry, ... Cars
used in these crimes may be seized even if the owner of the car was not arrested

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Some become the property of Uncle Sam through "seizure and surplus" laws.

Government Seized Car Auctions - How They Work for you
Government seized car auctions can work for you if you understand how they
function and learn how to make use of them to buy cheap vehicles. Few people...

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The Police have authority under the LAND TRANSPORT ACT 1998 to impound
motor vehicles in certain cases. A Police officer must seize and impound a motor

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How to Buy Seized Cars for Sale. Thousands of cars are seized by banks, the
government, and law enforcement agencies every year. Many of these vehicles...

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Definition of car seized in arrest in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English
dictionary and encyclopedia. What is car seized in arrest? Meaning of car seized

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Feb 11, 2016 ... One of those options, buying a seized car, can save you money while giving you
access to high-end vehicles. Seized-vehicle auctions...